Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whatever happened to February?

It's half way through March!  I don't have a lot of goals for March because we are moving next week, but I realize I never wrapped up February . . .

Um, I don't think I met any of my goals except making my Mom's birthday present.

But Valentine's Day happened, and the kids got cards, just not the cute home sewn ones . . . but there is always next year

And even though it wasn't on my list I sent F&L to three more publishers, so that is an accomplishment!  Here are the kids at Peris (formerly Spiers, oh clever, you see how they did that?) after walking to Staples to get F&L and some cover letters printed:

She had the kid's spaghetti.

He had a little bit of everything off our plates.

And we took this picture of the trees outside Cerritos College on our way back home.  Can you believe my first semester there was Spring 1996?  I was only 16, but still, wow.

Honestly, we didn't get much done in February.  Oh well.

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