Saturday, January 16, 2010

It pays to play

When I worked at KayBee Toys (way, way back in the day, like over a decade ago now), I had a manager and some co-workers who always went in on lottery tickets.  They would always ask me to purchase one and my response was usually "Realistically, what are my odds of winning the lottery?"  My manager, Mac, would always reply "Better if you buy a ticket."  
Well, I "bought a ticket," so to speak, when I entered a bunch of online giveaways in November and December and I had some amazing luck.   I won several holiday items, as well this amazing book from a contest on Sew Mama Sew.  
My absolutely biggest score, however, was a $15 gift certificate to Jane's Fabrics ebay store (which I won through a giveaway on Sew Fantastic).  With my gift certificate I purchased three half yard cuts of the gorgeous Meadow Sweet line by Sani Henderson for Michael Miller.  When the package arrived I was floored to find out that Jane has included two more half yard cuts so I have all of these fabrics:

I am so jazzed!  I keep looking at them lovingly, but haven't decided yet what I am making with them.  Jane was so sweet . . . I encourage you to visit her blog and her shops on Etsy and ebay.

So, I suppose in the end, Mac was right, your odds are better if you buy a ticket!


  1. Oh thank you for the shout out, I am so happy you like the fabric. Enjoy!! and show us what you make!

  2. Congrats on your winnings! I love Sandi's fabrics! :)


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