Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maddie goes to the library

The Los Angeles County Public Library system was an integral part of my family when I was young.  I remember my Mom having to organize who was checking out which books based on what was currently still on our cards at home so as not to max out the fifty book lending limit per card.  As homeschoolers the library was really more an extended classroom  than just a fun place to go (although it was fun!).  We had a great children's librarian, and she actually ended up at the library closer to us after we moved (not really sure if we followed her or she followed us), so we had the same librarian for over a decade.  I volunteered (for the same librarian) for years, got a county library award (ahem, nerd alert) for it, spoke to a group of librarians about homeschooling, and worked at a library in my late teens.  I  know the Dewey decimal system like the back of my hand.  Once while playing Taboo with friends, another friend who worked at a LA County Library was able to get me to guess words by telling me where books on that subject were located in said Dewey decimal system (I am realizing more and more what a geek I really am as I type this).  I hated finding books at my university library because they didn't use Dewey and it messed with my head.  I digress . . .
Getting a library card is a rite of passage in our family.  Yesterday, Maddie, James, and I walked down to our little local branch on Alondra and got Maddie a card.  She was very excited by the library, and being able to take home books.  I had to sign her full name on the back of the card which was kind of odd, I only think I've written it out once or twice.  She even got a canvas book bag for opening an account, although next time I think she will use her My Friends Tigger and Pooh backpack because she loves it and can actually carry it.  Because she was (relatively) well behaved at the library we got mini donuts on the way home.

(Please excuse the quality of the pictures, they were taken on my phone . . . 
also, who knew that Yum Yum Donuts on Alondra and Pioneer is really, really nice inside?  Like, nicer than Starbucks . . .  they have granite!)

We read three of her books last night, several times each.  It cracks me up that she puts her finger to her mouth and says "shhhhh!" every time she asks for the Goodnight Sleepyhead book.

I am so proud of my little bookworm!

This lovely little story is called Maisy Goes to the Library, we have read it four times


  1. Super fun. I wish her hours upon hours of wonderful library fun.


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