Monday, April 12, 2010

The Rusted Chain

I have been online stalking (stalking is maybe a little bit of an exaggeration . . . but just a little) Beki from The Rusted Chain for a little over a two months now. I don't even remember on which blog I first saw her jewelry, but I fell in love with her pieces. I mean, who wouldn't?? Check some of these out!

This Two Tabs necklace is adorable!

I love the Worship Always necklace!

The oh, so pretty Ella earrings!

And my personal favorite the Est. necklace with initial and wedding year. I've been drooling over it!

So, when Beki offered a $30 gift card to her store to one of her twitter followers I jumped right on the opportunity, and I won . . . it may or may not have been due to taking the stalking to a whole new level and tweeting a bazillion time. I, of course, picked the awesome Est. necklace and I haven't taken it off since I got it two weeks ago! I love i The amazing thing is how Maddie and Jamie proof this thing is, they've both tugged on it pretty significantly . . . James likes to play with it while he is nursing.

Here is an iphone self portrait of me wearing my necklace:

I encourage you all to visit The Rusted Chain's store . . . and don't forget my birthday is in June!

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