Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How My Life Would Be Better With a Serger

You may or may not have heard that Sew, Mama , Sew! is giving away a Serger, and not just any Serger but a brand new Husqvarna Viking Serger with a retail value of $1199. This is a serious machine! Today is the last day to enter, and they asked for creative entries answering the question "how would your life be better with a serger" so I've been spending all month thinking up creative entries that I could post.

I thought I could do a rap about how my kids need their pants hemmed and cute adorable clothes to wear, cute adorable clothes made by me utilizing a Husqvarna Viking Serger (retail value $1199, oh wait did I mention that already?) "A rap?" you say, "surely you jest." Acutally, I do not jest, I was going to make Ed record it and (little known fact alert) he once appeared on The New Gong Show doing a rap about Del Taco. True Story. And I was going to make my kids dance around and wear their hats sideways (wearing unhemmed pants of course to illustrate my dire need of a Husqvarna Serger, retail value $1199 *ahem*). Jamie likes to wear his hat sideways anyway, well just sort of askew a la Fernando Rodney, closing pitcher for the Angels, Maddie seems to like to rock the side-tilt as well:

But, news flash here, I am working full time, and when I get home Ed leaves for work and works half (or all of!) the night, and we switch off again in the morning. This is not conducive to rap writing, record, or rap video filming, but what a clever idea, right? Maybe I'll get points for at least having the idea.

So my next idea was to do just a brief video for this blog post, once again featuring my cute kids (cause I'm looking for the extra little hook that will say "hey, let's give this nice lady a Husqvarna Serger, retail value $1199, look - she has cute kids"). In this video, my aforementioned cute kids would once again show all their unhemmed pants, please reference my post about upcycling Maddie's girl jeans into boy shorts for James, and my sad, sad unfinished hems. And maybe they would also hold up signs listing all of the ways a Husqvarna Serger, retail value $1199 would make our lives better, you know going for an Oliver Twist "Please sir, might I have some more" kind of feel. But I had this idea just this last week and would have had to a) video on my phone, b) get my kids to cooperate, c) go to Ed's office (you know sometime between me getting off work and him actually going to his office) to edit the video, and I kinda sorta just ran out of time.

Brilliant idea #3 was to write all of my reasons a Husqvarna Serger, retail value $1199 (really, I'm just sayin' that is like almost a whole two weeks pay people, you know once our dear Uncle Sam gets done with my check) would make my life better and then go to my church picnic last Saturday and have various people (inlcluding, but not limited to, cute kids, and my pastor - see playing both the kid and the God card there . . . nicely done) read the reasons aloud followed by a "please give Jessica a Husqvarna Serger, retail value $1199." Ok, that last part may be a little too much, plus I am not entirely sure how to pronounce Husqvarna . . .
This video entry seemed like a good plan but then tragedy struck. Ed sprained his ankle badly the day before the picnic! So we missed all the fun of the picnic as well as my opportunity to exploit my fellow congregants for my own personal gain . . . darn.

So here we are on the last day to link up an entry and I've got nothin'! Ok, well I have the cute kids . . . but other than that, I got nothin'! So, creative entries not forthcoming, here is a brief essay stating how my life would be better with a Husqvarna Serger, retail value $1199 ;)

How My Life Would Be Better With a Serger
An Essay by Me

My life would be better with a serger for, oh, so many reasons. The first of which is I would finally lose all the baby weight left over from baby #2 (and baby #1, who are we kidding?) because I would spend all of my time creating wonderful products on it and forget to eat.
Another reason my life would be better with a serger is that I could finally hem (neatly and correctly) the several pairs of pants my poor toddlers wear without proper hems. I would then stop feeling like a horrible mother every time I do the laundry and notice that Maddie's blue pants with the owl print have come completely unhemmed, or snip some more scraggly threads of Jamie's upcycled jean shorts, and then put them back in the drawer to wear and pretend I haven't noticed.
I also truly believe if I was to be selected to win this Husqvarna serger (retail value $1199), global warming would cease, people would start being nicer to their neighbors, the remaining Beatles would go on tour, the price of gasoline would drop to pennies on the gallon, the lion would lay down with the lamb, and we would achieve world peace.

To conlcude, I really, really, want a serger.

Thank you for your consideration.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Present a Week {'Til Christmas}

Ok, you may be thinking, Christmas . . . what? But I am telling you people it is closer than you think! There are 17 weeks until Christmas! 17 weeks may sound like a lot, but it isn't really, it goes so, so, so fast!

Deb over at Works in Progress is doing an awesome um, what would youc all it? sew-along? craft-along? present-along, called a Present a Week 'Til Christmas. This is week 8, but you can jump in at any time, and you don't have to do a present a week, it can be a present every two weeks, or whatever you can manage.

You can follow along here . . . and if you post your projects on Sundays you will be entered to win a 1/2 metre of fabric from Deb!

I have been working on my sewing list . . . I also have several projects that are pending, so I have to add those to my to do list as well!

Also, way too many people I would be making gifts for read this blog. So I am going to be posting only my list for the kiddos!

Both Maddie and James:

Christmas stockings

(still owed from last year)

Christmas scarves

(pre-Christmas deadline so they can wear for pictures with Santa etc.)

Special Christmas quilts


Coca-Cola Skirt

(still pending from last year as well!)

Pooh Bear scarf

Pooh bear zippy pouch / purse for her figurines


"Wheels" scarf


Boy zippy bag

(he likes holding mine when we go to the store)

So here is a little sneak peak of something I am working on to complete my list, there are actually multiples of these being made for people other than James, but he was my test subject.

Look at that little chubby hand, I love it!

Something that is really going to help me in getting all my little lovelies sewn is my brand new sewing machine! Oh yes! That is right! I ordered myself a gorgeous new machine and it shipped today!

:::happy dance::: :::happydance:::

I can't wait to share it with you all when I get it! I am going to be such a happy little sewer, I am going to have to be ripped away from it to eat, work, sleep, etc. And omg, did I tell you I got liek 7 extra feet? All the quilting feet my little heart could desire? I can barely breathe!

PS: Don't forget to enter the Nicey Jane giveaway, it ends tomorrow!! I am so excited by all you new followers I've bribed into being friends with me ;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Go! Fabric Cutter Giveaway Alert!

Because I love you I am letting you know about this awesome giveaway that Heather of a la mode fabric is hosting . . . it has absolutely nothing to do with getting an extra entry for myself, it's all about my selfless, deep, abiding love for you my dear readers.
No really.
If you are looking for my Nicey Jane giveaway just scroll down or click here!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nicey Jane and a Nicey Giveaway

I got my Nicey Jane in the mail!

I went a little crazy and bought 7 total yards (14 1/2 yard cuts) from Lola Pink Fabrics due to their amazing sale . . . I had also promised it to myself as my reward for going back to work.

I also found two full yards online for an amazing price at a fabric store that is going out of business . . . so I have 9 yards of Nicey Jane!

I'm in heaven! The thing is, there are at least 5 more prints I need to have! So I am making myself a list for when I go online fabric shopping again! These prints make me all twitterpated and I can't remember what I started looking for!

Eeeek! I am so excited. It is so pretty!

You may remember last week when I posted about buying the Nicey Jane I told you I would give some away? Well I am! I am giving away, to one lucky winner, these four fat quarters:

Everyone together now: "Oooohhh, Aaaaaahhhh!"

The fat quarters are (top to bottom) of Slim Dandy in Pink, Swing Toss in Pink, Pocketbook in Rose, and Welcome Road in Pink!

But wait! There is more!
(Oh my gosh, I am channeling Billy Mays!)

The lovely ladies Janet and Jennifer from Lola Pink Fabrics included in my shipment two more fat quarters for me to give away to you!

They sent a fat quarter each of Lindy Leaf in Tangerine and Hope Dot in Tangerine!

How insanely nice of them was that? I am so thrilled to be able to pass their awesomeness on to you! Make sure you check out Lola Pink Fabrics the next time you need to buy some fabric!

So, to recap: You have the chance to win six . .. that is 6! . . . gorgeous fat quarters of Nicey Jane . . . dude, that is a yard and a half! Not too shabby!

If you are not wiping drool from your chin this very minute there is something seriously wrong with you!

I am sure you are wondering how you can win! All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing about the Nicey Jane Collection by Heather Bailey. I personally love the vintage feel and bright colors, so fresh and fun!

If you are like me and love extra entries for contests here are a few for you. Make sure you leave a comment for each entry:

1. Follow my blog, or let me know you already do.
2. Follow me on Twitter.
3. Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link to your post in your comment - 2 entries (so leave 2 comments please!)
4. Follow the Lola Pink Fabrics blog (be super sweet and leave them some comment love!)
5. Follow Lola Pink Fabrics on Twitter.
6. Tweet about this giveaway. Make sure you leave a link to this post and reference @narniamum and @lolapinkfabrics.

#Win six Nicey Jane fat quarters from @narniamum and @lolapinkfabrics #giveaway http://bit.ly/cx5qCG

This giveaway is open internationally, so please everyone feel free to enter! I will leave this post open to comments until 10 p.m. PST on Tuesday, 8/31. Good luck!
This giveaway is now closed, thank you all for entering!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Picaboo - Get a Free Book!

People, I am so excited I can't even tell you! Why you ask? Cause I got something fantabulous for basically free, and I'm gonna get another! And you can too!

I follow several frugal living / mommy deals type of blogs which is where I found out about a great deal Picaboo was having a few weeks ago (and about the current one). I was able to get a FREE large photo book, I only had to pay shipping. The software Picaboo uses was easy to download, simple to use, and their shipping was super fast. A few days after I uploaded my book I got it in the mail!

I chose the Classic Custom cover . . . and it's breathtaking!
Love it it pieces.

There are so many different styles and layouts for the inside of your book. I went with a clean, modern feel because I thought it served our pictures best.

Any pixelation issues are definitely the fault of my low-lighting and use of a camera phone.
The pictures in the book are crystal clear.

Maddie is absolutely thrilled to see pictures of herself and her "Buddy" in a book!

Here is the really cool, exciting part! Picaboo currently has another FREE book deal going on! You can get a 20 page 8 1/2 x 11 photo book and all you have to pay is shipping (about $8, but so totally worth it)! You have to order before August 31st to take advantage of this awesome deal! You can choose either the Large Classic, Classic Leather, or Custom Classic (that's the cover I chose) valued up to $39.99! I will so be taking advantage of this deal - wouldn't this make awesome Christmas presents? (Everyone on my Christmas list forget you read that. Mom, that means you!)
Here is all you need to do:

Go to Picaboo and download their software
Create Your Book - give yourself some time to do this!
Use code FREEBK at checkout

Remember it will be about $8 in shipping costs, and the shipping was really quick, I think it is 3-5 days and mine came in about three . . . and order your book before August 31st!
There are so many awesome ideas you could use for your photobook! You can "scrapbook" a vacation, or special event, or even write your own story!
What will you do with your free book?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nicey Jane!

I love Nicey Jane . . . really I do.

Or at least I think I do I have never ever actually seen it in person.


I have just drooled over pictures of it online.

And pictures of lovely, lovely things other people have made with it. People like Holly at Bijou Lovely who made this modern baby quilt:

Um . . . I think I stopped breathing there for a moment.

And this gorgeous quilt:

Oh, the prettiness! I want it.

Actually what I really want is to make myself a quilt using Nicey Jane and some of Kaye Prince's pieced center string blocks.

It might kill me with it's awesomeness, but really what a way to go . . .

. . . what was I saying?


I ordered some Nicey Jane!

Oh yes, I did!

And you should too because Lola Pink Fabrics is having a sale. A really, really good sale!

You so need to check out their site, and their blog. They have piles and piles of prettiness just waiting to be bought by you. The sale right now is insane! It really makes it easier to justify spending money on my little sewing habit when the fabric is on sale . . .

So, um, I got 14 1/2 yard cuts.



Ten and four!

Wait a moment . . .

Ok, breathing again! Whew!

And if you are very, very nice . . . I might give some away! Oh my gosh, there I said it!

Check back next week and I will share the Nicey Jane love with you!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Giveaway Alert - PDF Patterns

Kerri of Lovely Little Handmades and Heather of A La Mode Fabric are giving away some lovely pdf patterns that Kerri will now be carrying in her shop.
Kerri will be now stocking embroidery patterns from Annie Oaksleeves in her shop, aren't they cute?
As well as patterns from Kate Conklin Designs like this lovely Sea Views quilt:

And patterns from Rebecca Johnson like Sand Castles:

To celebrate Kerri is giving away patterns! You can enter on her blog and then again on Heather's blog! Hurry, because the giveaway ends on Sudnay, August 15th! I would love to win some of these gorgeous patterns!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Shop Feature - MP Photography

I cannot express how much I love these pictures of Maddie and James.

I was so excited to get the cd of photos from Marisa of MP Photography. We had the kids take pictures with her in early June, and I am so beyond thrilled at how they turned out.

My children are more interested in checking out the sound and lighting system hidden in the bushes than they are posing for pictures.

Some of these shots leave me speechless . . .

I cannot reccommend Marisa enough. She was so sweet and worked so well with my rambunctious children, especially Maddie who just takes off and runs around like a wild thing when she sees any open space.

These pictures take my breath away.

If you are in the Southern California area, please consider using MP Photography, I know you will have as good of an experience as we did!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Splendid Departure - Mighty Is The King

Check out this awesome new song by my husband's worship project Splendid Departure and tell me what you think!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Better Birthing - My First Article on MamaBuzz!

My first article is up at MamaBuzz! It is on contemporary birthing options and I am really excited to share it with you all! Please stop by, read it and comment!!! Thanks!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

$100 CSN giveaway at Getting All My Ducks in a Row

Mellisa at Getting All My Ducks in a Row is having her one year blog birthday and giving away lots of great prizes. The one I really, really would love to win is a $100 gift certificate to CSN. I would put it toward this awesomesauce retro kitchen for the kids (mostly Jamie who is a budding chef at the ripe old age of 13 months). Wouldn't this make a lovely Christmas present?

What would you do with $100 to CSN?

Make sure to enter the giveaway here!