Monday, February 28, 2011


Just a reminder: today is the last day to vote for my story. Thanks!

Today is our last day in California.

Yesterday we said goodbye to everyone at church and to some really good friends.

Today I will say goodbye to my Grammy.

Tomorrow we will be 1,800 miles away.

I am excited to start a new life, but I am so heartbroken to leave my loved ones.


  1. I voted for you 'cuz I loved it! And good luck in your new "home"!

  2. God bless your family as you make a new start in Montana!

  3. Good luck for the move. Hugs for the leaving.
    Can't wait to hear about your new experiences.

  4. I know your family will be such a blessing to all in Montana!!!! Prayers for each,
    Mary Ellen Stiffler

  5. Moving is an awesome adventure, and all adventures have a price. I can't wait to hear about the new friends you make in MT.

  6. Thanks everyone for the good wishes!


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