Monday, October 24, 2011


Being from Southern California we aren't really used to the major season changes that most of the country experiences. The seasons change, but it is just a lot more subtle that everywhere else.

Here in Helena there are a lot of fir trees (we are up on a mountain after all), but there are still quite a few that are putting on a spectacular show for us.

This is our neighbor's tree, it's right off our deck. Pretty.

These are in the little canyon right behind us:

We are also seeing lots of deer around. These guys walked right past our deck and ate up the grass in the front. I took this picture from our deck, so you can see how close they were!

As pretty as fall is, I hear in Montana it is pretty short! And for proof of that, word on the street (and by street I mean my iPhone weather app) we are supposed to get a mix of rain and snow tonight. What do you think? Do these clouds look like they've got snow in them?

Now might be a good time to invest in some long sleeve shirts...Pretty sure I only have two that fit! If you live in colder climate, where is your favorite place to shop for winter clothes?


  1. Um, yeah, you should probably invest in some winter clothes. I like Maurice's for long sleeve tees & button downs. Hit up outdoor gear shops, Cabelas, & Sportman Warehouse for your heavy coats, pants, & longhandles. Enjoy your first Rocky Mountain winter!! :)

  2. Depends on the cold-weather clothes you're looking for...turtlenecks/long-sleeve tees/etc I buy wherever I can get the best shirt for the best price. The past two years, that's been JC Penney. Sweaters - I'm super picky, haha. I love heavy wool sweaters, and kept the ones I picked up from GAP waaaay back in HS until last week, when Mum convinced me they really were not fit for public consumption anymore. But I have a variety of midweight sweaters from all over: Coldwater Creek ($$$ though, meh), JC Penney, LL Bean... Coats: find the bestest one there is. Outdoor stores really do have cute & functional clothes. Just make sure you're looking at the reasonably priced ones, they get $$$ on you fast :o(

    Your deer look so different from mine, btw! They're short and grey and plump! Mine are long and lean and tawny, fading slightly into a dustier color (winter fur starting to appear).

  3. Sharon - thanks for the recommendations!

    Rebecca - The older ones aren't quite so plump looking :)


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