Monday, November 21, 2011

Yellow House

Sorry for being MIA recently. Between moving and writing for NaNoWriMo I've barely got time to breathe!

I grew up in a little yellow house, so maybe that is why they seem so homey to me.

Now we are finally moved into our new yellow house here in Helena, Montana.

And right after we moved it snowed. A lot.


  1. AWESOME! Congratulations and Blessings on your new home!

    Have a lovely Monday!

  2. This is your new house? OMG it is SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!
    Sounds like u r gonna need the sunny colour with all the impending snow...
    Congrats on the move :D
    (& on keeping on with nanowrimo. Very impressed!)

  3. So exciting! I love moving... except for all the work. But that house is very cute, and once you're settled in, you'll be very happy.

    And your novel is very awesome. :D

  4. I love it. It is super adorable. I love the window in the front, especially because Jamie is in it. Congrats!

  5. Cute house! Yay for snow AFTER you're moved in! Blessings on the new homebase :o)


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