Thursday, December 1, 2011

Look Who's a Winner

I honestly thought I'd feel a lot more excited about this...

But I guess at a certain point you realize that getting the first 50k is a great milestone, but you are so far from done that it's a little bit "ho, hum, guess I'm still going into the office tomorrow."

And by office, I mean Starbucks.

The middle is looking great. I've still got to write the end...and the hero and heroine's entire relationship prior to the middle (so yes, that would be the beginning, or at least large sections of the beginning).

But, yay for me! I've written the middle of a novel in the month of November!

Now to commence a major freak out about how much is left to do in an incredibly short amount of time if I want it out by August 2012. Ah, good times.


  1. Even if you're not excited, I AM!!!!!!!!!
    I am so impressed! And with moving house in the middle too!

    Now stop worrying about AE 9 months away, and start freaking out about awake LOL

  2. Trust me, I am definitely freaking out about Awake. It's mostly out of my hands at the moment though!


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