Monday, March 26, 2012

Shred or Dead

Yeah, this is happening:

I've done two days at Level One and am going to try Level Two today so I'm not doing the exact same thing three days in a row. I fully expect to be dead by the end of the day.

Also, this is my second day on a restricted calorie diet. Yesterday was okay, even though I blew 420 calories on a grande triple shot skim milk white mocha at Starbucks while I was writing. It was worth it though. I wrote 2567 words, bringing my weekend total up to just past 7600. It would have been almost 70 calories less if I'd left of the whipped cream.

I am not emotionally or mentally ready to leave off the whipped cream.

Other than the Starbucks I was crazy healthy in my food choices, didn't feel unsatisfied, and even with the white mocha, came in with 30 calories to spare. Yes.

Here is my inspiration:

Frabjous Day by Shabby Apple

I want this dress, people. I want it baaaaad.
And I want to look HOT in it.

Think happy, non-dying thoughts in my direction. Prayers are also appreciated.


  1. I tried it, and failed... none of Jillian's fault though. Wanna be my recipe buddy? :-)

  2. I'd love to be your recipe buddy! Right now mine are all mostly crockpot meals...I need to branch out!

  3. You can do it!! (I am SO getting a tshirt with that slogan printed on it. Or stationery. Maybe some nice letterhead?)

    I need to do something similar, just to kick-start my healthy lifestyle. I'm thinking of joining our community center for the month of April and committing to going 3 times a week. Maybe it'll help.

  4. I agree with Nancy, "You can do it!" Yay!

    I try to run, for me it's the easiest to do and it burns calories fast. I have been VERY bad for the past year and have gotten out of the habit. Ugh! I really need to!


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