Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Which Maddie Writes Flash Fiction

Anna at Yearning for Wonderland is holding a flash fiction contest.  The basic rules are that you select a picture of her Faerytaleish Pinterest board, write a three hundred word flash fiction, and then link up on her site by the end of Friday.

This is Maddie. She just turned four. Also, she is cute.

I've been meaning to write something, but have yet to do so (eta: finally wrote it, see mine here).  Maddie, however, has selected a picture and written a flash fiction story about it.  It is slightly less than the 300 word goal, but this is her first flash fiction...actually her first story I've written down other than her amazing dream idea for my upcoming dragons book.  I should probably spend more time writing down her stories, because she has some great ones.

So here is Maddie's first writing contest entry:

Maddie's inspiration picture

Golden and Magical
by Maddie Melendez

Once upon a time there was a fairy who was turned to gold.  
She was turned to gold by the sun.
She became a golden robot and all her friends were fairy robots.
And then her father was happy because he was all golden and magical.

The end.

 (48 words)

If you have a Wordpress blog, here is the proper code:


  1. Maddie, your succinct prose and charm put us all to shame. Feel better, sweetpea! Enter my contests any time.

  2. Simplicity always works and it's lovely to see such a young writer! Maddie, keep your imagination as bright as the stars!

  3. Maddie, this was great! A fantastic fairy tale and totally original! I look forward to more. :)

    <3 Becca

  4. Maddie, I so loved your story and I could picture your little golden fairy and all her golden robot friends. Good job!

  5. OMG this is the cutest thing ever and gorgeous and golden as the robot itself!

  6. Thanks everyone! I read Maddie all the comments :)


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