Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Semi-Chaos, the Organization Dillema

We are currently living in a semi-chaotic state. I never was the best housekeeper, and now each task takes about ten times as long because I have a Maddie permanently attached to me. I don't have a sling, and I'm starting to think she might not even like one because she likes to sit up and face out. She abhors being treated like a baby. I have a front/back carrier, and she rides in it occasionally, but we just can't quite get it to fit right. Maddie also is not fond of daytime naps - so getting housework done is a hit and miss kind of thing.

We desperately need a schedule, so here is a basic one I came up with last night.

Monday -

Weight Watchers Weigh In
Menu and Shopping Day

Tuesday -
Laundry Day

Maddie's Room

Dining Room

Living Room
Our bedroom

Project Day

Rest Day!!

Monday's grocery shopping will have to be tonight, but I feel good that I've already started on Tuesday laundry. I would kill for my own washer and dryer. Our apartment complex only has two and they are overpriced and in constant use.

We did weigh in last night and I lost over 4 pounds, bringing my two week total to 8.2 pounds, so yay me!

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