Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas wrap-up

It seemed to me that before I did any 2009 year in review or goals for 2010 type posts, I should probably do a quick wrap up of our Christmas.  I will admit that the tree has yet to come down (I'm working on it today . . . really!) so I suppose this means it's still ok to be talking about Christmas!
Maddie and Jamie both got a lot of great stuff - mostly from family and friends and a very generous Secret Santa from church.  Their main gifts from Mom and Dad were stuffed characters . . . a Winnie the Pooh for Maddie and a Mike Wazowski for James.  Here are some pictures from Christmas.

Opening their foam alphabet tiles from Grandma and Pop Pop

James with his Mike Wazowski

Maddie and her Winnie the Pooh

James mastered the unwrapping concept

Maddie wearing her hat from Grandma, scarf from Tori, and shirt from Liz

All in all I think that we had a successful Christmas :)

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  1. Oh my goodness your children are darling!! Love Maddie in her hat, how sweet!!


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