Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cuteness overload

Two January goals down so far!  I had a garage sale this weekend before our huge week long rain storms hit.  I got rid of some stuff and managed to make a little money.  Still have a ton of stuff to get rid of, so we might have a second sale this weekend if the rain lets up.  Today we went to Target and got some official pictures of the babies!  They wore their Christmas outfits from Uncle Andy and we did some winter theme pictures as we didn't get any professional Christmas shots.  We also got some baby style pictures taken of James, and let me tell you - he is a ham!  Every picture was great, which makes it so hard to choose.  Every time the photographer called him handsome he would pose and smile!  I think I have a future entertainer on my hands!
Winter Pictures

My sweet Maddie princess, I honestly don't think she could be cuter

Look at this grin!  The gorgeous white blanket was made by my Mom.

Mommy is not going to fixate on the random piece of hair falling onto Maddie's forehead, really, I am not . . .
I love this picture because it looks like Maddie is sharing with her brother, and she often does, it just might not be quite true in this particular case
Jamie's Six Month Pictures
This blue blanket was also made by my Mom.  

You gotta love the chub!

I feel very accomplished that I have crossed two things off my list!  I have a few more in progress as well, so yay me!

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