Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Patchwork Scarves

Here is my super secret project for someone's birthday - actually, my Mom's birthday.  It was on the 7th, but I didn't get these mailed out until last week, and then with the holiday they didn't get to her until yesterday!  I found this tutorial at Max and Ellie, which I followed for the first scarf (the blue and brown), but changed up a bit in the length and number of fleece pieces on the cream scarf.  

There was an unfortunate incident with an iron on the blue scarf (as I was ironing it Maddie started hurling things at the tv and I ran over to stop her), which resulted in a burn mark on a shoulder.  It wasn't a very dark burn considering how long the iron had been sitting directly on the fleece and it actually kept magically fading, so much so that my mom and brothers couldn't find it yesterday without very specific instructions about where to look (and under a bright light).

My Mom already wore the cream scarf out in the snow last night, so they are a pretty and useful gift!

This scarf uses fabrics left over from the maternity picture skirts I made for Maddie and myself.  I love them.

This scarf uses fabrics that match the purse I made my Mom for Christmas.

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