Monday, March 15, 2010

Girl jeans to boy shorts

What do you do when your daughter grows out of her jeans and your son is almost ready for that same size?  Pass them down, right?  But wait,  what should you do if there are thick, purple butterfly appliques at the bottom of the legs . . . too thick to cover with some fancy boy faux cuffs?

(Warning: more low-light iphone pics ahead)

Why, turn them into shorts of course!  Luckily, we live in California!

Maybe someday I will get pinking shears that work, that would be great on this hem . . . or I could get a Serger . . . ah, a girl can dream can't she?

I made them a bit long because I thought "There is no way my 8 month old is going to fit in these 24 month size jeans, (which being from Walmart run large), even if he is in 18 months currently."




Look everyone, a little mini "fan boy"

So, his jeans shorts are too long to be "shorts" and too short to be "bermuda shorts," but he is cute nonetheless.  


  1. They were cute jeans, but are also cute shorts, well done.
    24months!? Zane is 29months old and still can't fit 24months for girth! LMAO! He's what 3 times Jamies age? I'd love to see them next to each other :D

  2. I am still always amazed by Jamie's size and cuteness!

  3. He is absolutely ADORABLE ! They look good. Thanks for following and good luck on the giveaway.

  4. Awesome repurposing - and adorable!


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