Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring (Training) Fever

Major League Baseball's Spring Training has begun, and the Angels played their first spring training game yesterday in Tempe, AZ!  We watched the game on Fox Sports West and brought out the hats and Rally Monkey.  We also had homemade nachos on our Angels Chip and Dip plate.

Here are my little Halos:

Maddie relaxing after her ice cream from the ice cream "yuck" (truck), the scary thing is that at 22 months she has a better throwing arm than anyone I know and applauds when Angels pitchers throw strikes or Angels batters get hits.  Me thinks she is a baseball genius.  (And no it's not Halloween, she just wears her Halloween shirt for pjs now).

Cutie patootie, I realize it's kind of inappropriate that he is wearing a Salem, Mass sweatshirt (from Uncle David and Aunt Brit) with his Angles hat . . . All I can say is we are going to kick you butt John Lackey - you and the Sox get ready for another sweep baby ;)

Jamie wants my hat!

And out comes the monkey!  Jump around!  Jump around!

Daddy's homemade nachos, yum!

And before you say it Tor, yes, I know I am funny when I'm in rabid fan mode.


  1. I love all the signs of spring - especially because we still have 4 feet of snow in our front yard...

  2. I wasn't going to say that!
    (but yeah you are LOL)
    I was gonna say when did Maddie turn 4? She looks so old!!

  3. Nachos sound yummy! What'd you put on them?

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