Monday, October 18, 2010

Feature: Hope Adams Photography

I've won a lot of things online . . . but this may take the cake!
Earlier this year there was a month long photography session giveaway on the Becky Higgins blog. One of the photographers giving away a session was Hope from Hope Adams Photography here in Southern California and we won a family session with her!

We met Hope at a park near the Orange County Fairgrounds (and my alma mater). The kids were a overly distracted by all of the cool stuff in the park, including huge hills, a stream, and ducks! Maddie is slightly obsessed with ducks. They were both insanely squirelly, so I don't think there are any pictures where I am not making a weird "Ok, everyone, let's smile" kind of face.

James just wanted to play baseball . . . and when he had to stop throwing the ball for even one second he would let out this blood-curdling high pitched scream.

Hope was really patient with the kids (and us), and let them roam all over the park and playground and just took natural shots as the presented themselves. How gorgeous is this picture of Maddie?

For those of you wondering, the marks on James face were scabs from a scratch wound he may or may not have received from his older sister. Ah, the love. . . actually they do usually love each other, but every now and then one will get irritated and take a swipe at the other.

I absolutely love Hope's style and how easy she was to work with! I could have posted at least 20 more great pictures, especially of the kids! If you are in the Southern California area I can't reccomend her enough. Make sure to visit her site and her blog!


  1. Photos are my most treasured gift. They document a special period in time. Congratulations to you and your gorgeous, happy family. Enjoy the photos, now and for years to come!


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