Friday, October 1, 2010

Vintage Sheet Freedom Bee

I don't get enough to time to sew because:

a) I work all day
b) I have two toddlers
c) I am too tired/lazy to stay up after said toddlers go to bed
d) all of the above

If you answered "d) all of the above" then you are correct!

Also, it is a bit difficult to sew when you turn around to iron a seam and turn back to find this:

I call him my little bobbin winder . . . not sure what will kill him first, me or the fall.

Notice his sister in the back looking on in approval. "You have learned well young Padawan."

So, I joined in the Vintage Sheet Freedom Bee that Deb from Works in Progress is organizing (um, this is my like fourth post in as many weeks that has mentioned Deb, I promise I am not a stalker). I sent out all my sheet pieces awhile ago, and have 11 little envelopes of sheets waiting for me it sew up into lovely blocks.

I decided to make a Bonnie Scotsman, which I have never done before but seems pretty straightforward . . . all of my "piecing," such as it is, has heretofore been basically just squares.

I couldn't find instructions in the size I needed (12x12 finished) so I was forced to do the math myself.

It was very truamatic.

Because I am a nerd I made a graph.

And because I am a nerd of the highest order I then made 12 copies of the graph so I could pencil in the fabrics I am using for each person's block, and write their name at the top.

My first test block was with my fabrics. I am pretty much running low on any of the pieces that match what I sent out, so I was kind of limited in what I could place where in the block. I am hoping to be able to do some more strategic fabric placement with the future blocks.

I will not even tell you how long it took me to do this between work, toddlers, laundry (two 8 load washers full, I kid you not), Jamie climbing on the table, various tension issues with my new machine (I think it's that I am using a 1/4 inch foot that doesn't fit right because I'm using the one from my old machine as the one they sent me with the new machine doesn't FIT!), etc. . . but it may have been two days.

(Please excuse the horrible lighting, my sheets are not, in fact, yellow.)

It seems to have gone ok except that I cut that side rectangle a bit too thin! You can see the top square extends out past the rectangle piece and is the right size! I may replace it with different fabric, we will see. It will most likely be fine when I sew all the blocks together (it looks bad but it's less than an 1/8 of an inch difference), but we will see . . . luckily I messed up on my own block and can correct in the future!

So, yeah. I got one block sewn. Um, I have 11 more to go . . . but I think they will just fly along now that I know what I am doing. . . . hope springs eternal in the heart of Jessica.


  1. I am amazed you get anything done!!! (now I am feeling guilty)
    Looks lovely, I like the pattern. I assume I'd like the fabric minus the tallow cast lol.

  2. That picture is too cute. My boy always begs to "drive" the sewing machine.

    I don't know about you but by the time my kids go to bed my brain is mush. I usually just save that time for ironing. Sometimes I attempt cutting fabric for future projects but if I'm too exhausted it ends up bad, very bad.

  3. Oh, I remember those days, except I wasn't quilting then - can't remember what I would have been doing after the kids went to bed - probably just vegging on the couch! And I love the vintage. I'm just beginning to piece the back of a vintage quilt I'm making - fun! And BTW, I need some of your nerdiness - I wish I was half as organized as you!

  4. Jessica - It looks great! Glad to see I am not the only one who gets all nervous about cutting the little pieces out. ;) Can't wait to see the rest of the blocks as you complete them.

  5. I really like it. Can't wait to see mine.

  6. It looks cute so far!

    I'm jealous of your nerdiness. :)

  7. Oh I LOVE that picture I have one like that somewhere on my blog. Sewing is SO tricky with toddlers and no sewing room - that's my excuse anyway and I am oh so lazy in the evenings! The block looks great. I'm a Deb stalker too - no shame there!

  8. Just wondering if you had any of those blocks made. Thanks


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