Monday, December 6, 2010

Halo Holiday Photo

This is the Angels's 50th anniversary year, and they have been having some fun events to celebrate already, even though it isn't baseball season yet! One of the events was the opportunity to have your family holiday photo taken at home plate at Angels stadium - they called it the Halo Holiday Event. For a donation of a $10 toy you got the photo take, and a little magnet frame. We still have to buy the photos from the website, as the photographers are the same ones they use during games for fan photos, but all in all it was a great deal!

I have no idea why, but I was mildly obsessed with making Maddie and Angels tutu for the Halo Holiday Photo. She loves to be princessy, but man, she loves her baseball too . . . right after they took her picture at home plate she swung her bat and took off down the third base line . . . when I snagged her she asked "where go ball game?" She definitely knew where she was! And we were, of course, totally jazzed to be on the diamond!

I followed this tutorial for a toddler tutu by Bethany on Vermillion Rules, although I found it on Cut out and Keep originally. In the end it ended up being a little big in Maddie's waist, and extremely puffy, mostly my fault as I didn't have time to modify for her skinny little waist (nothing like starting a project the night before you need it), but still an easy to follow tutorial if you're looking to make a toddler tutu!


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