Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies

Ok, so I am a leeeetle bit late with this, but it's still the Christmas season, so there is still time to watch some awesome Christmas movies. Here are my top 5 . . . I realize this could be a very controversial list!

5. The Santa Clause

Why? Cause it's fun!

4. Die Hard.

Yes! It IS a Christmas movie! And has the best quotable lines ever! And the sexiest villain! ("Shoot the glass!")

3. A Christmas Story.

Hilarious. I watched it almost 4 times in a row this year (setting up the play kitchen), and you know it's a good movie when it's just as funny the FOURTH time. Also, haven't we all had at least a few A Christmas Story moments? We had one this year when we took Maddie to Ho Ho China for her 2nd birthday and they put a candle in the almond cookies and sang to her in Chinese and English. But, we didn't have any duck . . .

2. It's a Wonderful Life.

Of course. Jimmy Stewart . . . 'nuff said.

1. White Christmas

This is my personal fav. It is a much watch. Here is the secret of White Christmas . . . it has almost no plot! I am convinced it was just a vehicle for all of the extra songs left over from other musicals. But you know what? I don't care! It is the total awesomesauce and no one can convince me otherwise. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye equals total win (side note: my mom and my husband are both huge Danny Kaye fans . . . totally irrelevant, but just thought you should know).

So what are your favorite Christmas or Holiday movies? Are you horrified at my list? Are you shocked I left out . . . Miracle on 34th Street . . . or Charlie Brown Christmas (I swear it would be #6 if this list went to 6) . . . or insert your favorite movie here?


  1. I love that Die Hard is on this list! Also, White Christmas is probably MY favorite Christmas movie!

  2. I love Christmas Vacation and, most recently, Elf!

  3. I love Die Hard being on there too! LOL I'd prolly put it number 1!
    But then again I have never heard of A Christmas Story, and have never seen Wonderful Life or White Christmas.
    When I think of Christmas movies I think of those Rankin/Bass stop-motion animated kids movies. I loved Rudolph, and can't even sing the song of Little Drummer Boy because it makes me cry because of the lamb getting run over in the movie. Some of the other ones creeped me out (and Jack Frost scared the crap outa me) but they still make me think of my childhood Christmases.

  4. Oh yes Elf! I actually own that one, even tho I usually don't like Will Farrell!

  5. What is my problem? I've never seen White Christmas before even though I mean to watch it every year. It's a Wonderful Life makes me cry every time even though I think it never will. LOL. Miracle on 34th Street got me misty eyed this Christmas as well even though I'm not a big Santa Claus person. Oh . . . and of COURSE, Christmas Story which I keep thinking won't be funny to me anymore but it is EVERY TIME. :)

  6. My fav is a Christmas Story. I still have never seen any of the classics like Miracle on 34th or White Christmas. Every year I tell myself I will and it doesn't happen.

  7. My brother points out that I forgot Jingle All the Way, which is definitely one of the best Christmas movies out there!

  8. Definitely some on there I haven't seen. Not sure what movies are must sees for me at Christmas but perhaps it's because we have a summer Christmas so there isn't the same urge to snuggle in and watch....


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