Thursday, June 9, 2011

The End. Or Just the Beginning?

I finally wrote the words The End.

Honestly, I expected to feel a lot more elated. Maybe finishing that last scene in the 10th inning of what would turn out to be my team's 5th loss in a row (at home) wasn't the best timing.

It was kind of like "Oh, so there's that. Hmm. Interesting. Ho, hum."

Or maybe the issue was I know how much work I've set up for myself. There's four or five scenes I stopped writing half way through and moved on, or that I just didn't write at all. There are some really awesome continuity / character issues near the beginning of the novel because I didn't know my characters as well in chapter one as I do now.

I'd love to be more excited than I am. A lot more excited. I mean, it is a pretty big deal, right? That's what I keep telling myself!

Oh well, I guess the only thing to do now is grab a huge Diet Coke (why does diet Coke have to taste like death?) and jump right into re-writes!


  1. 1-- add lime to the diet coke, I hear it makes it taste better.
    2-- I once heard that Stephen King writes his novels in about two weeks and then edits them for -gasp-two years
    3-- you spent more than two weeks writing your novel, so I am sure it'll be easier to edit ;)
    4-- again, congratulations and best of luck

  2. WTG!! Enjoy that Diet Coke, lady. You deserve it! :)

  3. Be Happy -- What a great accomplishment!! I think Diet Coke tastes like Diet Coke -- guess that's why you are the writer:)

  4. Um, because room temperature, caffeine-free Diet Coke, is the same chemical make-up as formaldehyde? So it's caffeinated sibling probably isn't too far removed ;o) LOL

    I think you'll find editing/rewriting much easier than the initial brain-pushing of the first writing...I mean, the really, really hard part's done (minus putting in those missing scenes, hehe), and this is the polish and tweak. And, you're SUPERJESS! :oD

  5. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!! SuperJess did it!! Now put some rum in that diet coke (way better option than lime) and give yourself a much deserved pat on the back. Is there work remaining? Well, yeah. But you've done more than 90% of people who say they're going to write a novel--you actually made it to the end.

    Re: Knowing your characters better. One of the best pieces of advice I've seen is to rewrite chapter one entirely after you finish writing a novel. Back then, you didn't know the characters or the story, so what you thought was important wasn't really. Remember, you've seen my two versions of chapter 1.

  6. Woohoo!!! Congrats! :D so proud of you!
    Now back to work!! (and go for the vanilla coke LOL)

  7. Thanks for all the congratulations!

    Char - I usually drink coke zero which tastes much better, but when I write at Ed's office I get a $1 large diet coke at McDonald's :) It's evil.

    Rebecca - OMG is that true!? Yuck!

    Nancy - I am scared it will be harder cause I can't be as free-form. Here is to hoping!

    Tori - Um, double thanks to you getting me through it! & working out my plot issues with me :) I think you deserve a story credit, lol!

  8. It's what somebody told me years ago (I forget who had discovered this gem) - and the taste/smell definitely aligns with it! ::shivers:: Full sugar, full caffeine for meeee!!! :oD


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