Monday, June 6, 2011

Maddie Loves Rocky

I don't know why, but my three year old, Maddie, loves Rocky. Yes, Rocky. Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion, "Yo, Adrian." That Rocky.

She really thinks he is the bees knees. Not only will she sit and watch the movies, she requests them. She knows the difference between the sequels based upon the fighters featured. Rocky is first in her affections at the moment rivaled only by Christopher Reeve's Superman.

She's an odd little thing, I can't fully explain her.

I don't usually feature videos on my blog, and here I am two posts in a row with video! This is too awesome not to share though. The first time she did this we were totally flabbergasted, and couldn't quite get out the iPhone fast enough to record, then at the end she asked for it again, so we rewound the dvd and made sure we were ready with the camera. Amazingly she did it again!

Here for your entertainment is Maddie replicating the training montage from Rocky II.

My favorite parts? The attempted no handed push up and using the tv stand for pull ups. This is the kind of classic video I will one day be showing any boy she brings home.


  1. That was too funny! I laughed out loud--the kind you didn't know you had until it's OUT THERE. The no-handed push up was a serious treat!! Look out Mom, she'll be bringing home a muscle man!!

  2. I love this video. Your girl is kind of a rockin' princess type, you know? Now what I'd love to see is her working out to Rocky while wearing the Tangled hair extensions. That'd be awesome.

  3. OK... I just shared that with all of your ccu aunties! That is so classic! Go Maddie Go!

    Grandma Sharon must be so proud. ;) ;) ;)

    (Hope you don't mind that I posted it to ccu-list!!)


  4. She's so cute! LOL My 2-yr-old does the same thing with dance scenes in movies. I'm just jealous because Maddie will let you do a do-over and record it. ;-)
    Amanda (a CCU auntie)


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