Thursday, September 29, 2011

Same Same, Different Different

Are they twins?

It gets asked a lot when we are out. James is really only a few inches shorter than his sister, and when they're sitting down it's actually hard to tell that she's longer and more gangly than he is.

They're alike in so many ways, that I kind of think they are de facto twins . . .

But then sometimes they are so different it's like they are little opposites of each other.

Maddie likes her cereal dry. Always.

James likes his with milk and a spoon. All is right with his world if he has cereal, milk, and spoon.

Maddie loves grape juice.

James loves orange juice.

Maddie will occasionally sample the orange juice but she says it's "too spice" and screws up her face in a horrifically comical manner. "Too spice" from the child that eats pickles for breakfast. Meanwhile, James will chug limeade straight. Go figure. He prefers the citrus based juices I guess.

Maddie prefers Little Einsteins

James prefers Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

This causes fights.

Madie loves to snuggle under blankets.

James hates sleeping with a blanket over him with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

Maddie's snacks on raw celery. James, not so much.

James snacks on raw brocolli. Maddie is horrified by this.

Luckily, in spite of their differences, they still love each other.

(blanket was for story time purposes only, after which it was kicked off)


  1. They are adorable! That's all that needs to be said.

  2. Maddie and I are cereal twins. Ick to milk on cereal!

  3. Cereal is actually the ONLY way I will ingest "plain milk" -- it absolutely has to be "flavored" for me to down it. Favorite: chocolate. I also like all the Instant Breakfast flavors (mmm, strawberry!) and Ovaltine/Malt ;o)

    They really do favor each other aesthetically :o) Total cuties!

  4. Thanks Candy and Charlene!

    Rebecca - I'm not a huge fan of plain milk either, only if I'm eating peanut butter!

    Nancy - you're too funny!

  5. Twins or not, they sure are adorable!!


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