Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Adventures of Maddie - Play Date Edition

I looked it up online, and apparently it can be "Play date," "Play Date, " or even "Playdate," and at least one article has it "PlayDate." So, there.

Title aside, Maddie had her first play date on July 17th. We went to meet Katie and her daughter Audrey (10 months) at Heritage Park in Cerritos. They have redone the island and it's absolutely beautiful. It is Revolutionary War era "Boston Town" and you can actually follow Paul Revere's ride through the island. Every building is full of slides and stairs, and there are tunnels to crawl through. The grass and pond are much nicer than they were when I was growing up! We sat on a really steep hill right next to the pond (my thighs were feeling it later), and had a picnic. Then we got to cruise around the island and check everything out.

Maddie and Audrey found each other very interesting. Audrey liked reaching out and touching Maddie, and Mads was quite jealous that Audrey can army crawl. Audrey was a preemie and is very petite, so next to her Maddie looked huge! You wouldn't have thought they were more than 7 months apart in age except that Audrey can army crawl and babbles more. I have one healthy looking baby!

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