Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tea and Sympathy . . . and Star Wars

Tonight Rebecca and Katie are spending the night. Tomorrow is Katie's last Sunday at church before she moves to Colorado, so today we had them over to watch the Star Wars trilogy, non-special, non-Greedo shooting first nonsense, edition. The came over at noon, and we went to to Fresh and Easy to get stuff to make pizzas. We had one for lunch and one for dinner. We then made scone! I am so excited. I used the recipe from the "Afternoon Tea" book I bought myself for my birthday. They were so little, and cute, and tasty! I had no hope of finding clotted cream anywhere on short notice, and Fresh and Easy was out of Creme Fresh (what? It is there every time I go shopping!) so I got some heavy whipping cream and whipped it up with a bit of sugar, yummy! The recipe calls for "good quality strawberry jam" for a topping, and what is better quality than my own, made yesterday, yummy in the tummy strawberry jam? Nothing, I say!

Mom got me a clear teapot and blooming teas from tea posy, so we picked one (Butterfly) and to watch it bloom and steep. This picture of the tea is after we've let it steep for a long time after our first cups. So our "flower" is a little sideways. The tea was fabulous, the scones were awesome, so fun! In fact, the scones were so good, that Katie asked if we could make more, so we headed off to the store at 10 p.m. to get more flour and cream, and we had second helpings.

I love tea.

I love scones.

I love my jam.

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