Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January, when the rains come

It was January, California winter time
Wet pavements shone like streetlights in the dark

1. Finish Maddie's coca-cola skirt.
I am sad to say that this skirt is currently still in pieces . . . I undid the part that went wrong, and cut out the pieces for the second ruffle, but it hasn't been completed yet. I am actually a little concerned that it might end up being too small.

2. Get some official pictures of the babies.

3. Add some length to the Zaney quilt to bring it closer to a twin size so he can grow with it.
This is another goal that is half way done, I wasn't able to find what I wanted the last time I went to the fabric store, so the pieces I had left have been cut to the sizes I want, but I still need to get at least another 1/2 yard. Here are the pieces that have already been cut, safely put away from Maddie in their Ziploc baggie.

Because I couldn't finish the Zaney quilt, I did do a lot of work on my "first quilt" that I started at quilting class. These are my first half square triangles - looking good so far . . .

4. Submit F&L to a publisher.

5. Have a garage sale and get rid of lots of stuff!
Done! Need to have another one though!

I am glad I got the majority of my monthly goals done, but honestly, January has been kind of a hard month. Here is to the rest of 2010 being a lot better!

And to this day the California rains bring memories of you
And to this day my heart remains always and only for you

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  1. Looks as though you've been a busy lady! I also love crossing items off of my to-do lists! :)


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