Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jamie's Birthday - Angels Bunting

My one big crafting project for Jamie's first birthday party was his Angels baseball bunting. I've been wanting to do bunting for awhile, and oh my goodness it is so easy! This is definitely one of those projects where the reward is greater than the work put in! I followed this super easy tutorial from Deb of Works in Progress. The nice thing is she doesn't give you a ton of measurements so you are free to go with your own size for your triangles. I did a sort of mediumish triangle, and I freehanded my template, so it was a bit wonky on one side, probably if I was going for a cleaner look I'd print a triangle template.

I used both white and red fabric I got in the bargain section at M&L fabrics for under $2 a yard, and I think I had a yard of each (I did have some left over). The Angels fabric I got from my Mom - I looked everywhere for fabric with the current logo on it and was totally stymied at every turn! I am sorry, but it is just plain wrong that fabric stores within spitting distance of the Big A are carrying Red Sox fabric of all things, but no Angels fabric (in their defense both did have Angels fleece, but somehow fleece just does not say summer pool party to me). But of course, my super Mom had Angels fabric on hand! And yes, purists may complain that it is the least loved of all the Angel's logos, the wing logo from when they were owned by Disney, just a little too Angels in the Outfield for all of us die hard fans, but the point is, it's Angels MLB fabric, so there.

The one major alteration I did add was letters, my bunting is so long (too long in my opinion) that you can't really see all in one picture that it says Happy 1st Birthday James.

I am actually quite proud of my lettering because I freehanded it as well, and I have never been good at drawing bubble letters.

For those of you that have never appliques, it is so easy . . . especially raw-edge applique like this. You just iron some wonder-under on to your fabric, pin on your template (backwards so it ends up front facing on your finished item):

Cut it out, peel off the backing on the wonder-under, iron it (right side up this time) onto your project and then sew it on. Ta-da! I was kind of hoping I could skip the sewing part as it was getting closer and closer to my deadline, but it was not to be. I think it ended up looking cute anyway - especially the red stitching on the white letters.


  1. That is absolutely awesome Jessica, fantastic job!!

  2. Well done! It looks so super and well done for all the perseverance with the fabric finding!


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