Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jamie's Birthday - Just Another Halo Victory!

I am going to be doing some catch up posts . . . the end of June was so insanely busy, and it feels like it has just ramped up since then! So I am going to do a series of posts on Jamie's first birthday party. His theme was Angels baseball (whoo hoo!) and we had the party at my friend Liz's pool.

His invites were to die for cute, and designed by my great friend Tori. Jamie has his own baseball card!



The decorations were pretty minimal as it was poolside, but I did manage to score an awesome Angels mylar at the party decor story by Grammy's house (which meant I made her pick up the balloons on the way to the party . . . she stuffed them in a plastic garbage bag but apparently the garbage bag kept floating around in her car so she had to pull over and stuff it in the trunk.

Our good friends the Samuelsons got Jamie this awesome hat - doesn't he look ready for the majors?

And here is the aforementioned Angel's bunting, I will put up a separate post about it tomorrow with the link to the tutorial I used to make it. It ended up a little bit long, but I think it added a certain summer feel to the party decor.

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  1. Happy 1st birthday to your little boy! What a great party that must have been!


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