Monday, July 19, 2010

Jamie's Birthday - recap

Just thought I'd share some of these pictures from Jamie's party because he is the total cuteness and deserves to be bragged about. . . . I promise this is the last post about his party . . . I have to move on because tomorrow is my turn in the big ol' giveaway Kaye is organizing on her blog Miss Print . . . I suppose if you must you can go over there now to enter the last three days worth of giveaways . . . you, know, like if awesome prizes really mean that much to you.

My son wants to be a cook, he loves everything domestic, he especially loves these Melissa and Doug wooden pot and pan set from Grandma, Pop Pop and Uncle Andy. Yes, those are his real eyelashes, it is so not fair.

He is apparently also a fan of monetary gifts.

A family picture, sort of kind of. Look ma, Maddie has no face! (And Daddy got wet supervising Maddie's pool time.)

James loves to snuggle up on Grammy (his great-Grammy), he lays his head on her lap so she can play with his hair.

Maddie spent pretty much the entire party in the pool, a big thanks to Rebecca for all of her Maddie monitoring time!

The party was a rousing success, and just think in a year we get to do it all over again!


  1. Ooooh, I like monetary gifts, too!
    Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

  2. awww Jamie's so adorable :D approves his taste to monetary gifts


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