Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Church Nursery Redux - Part the Second

If you didn't get to see the adorable bear wallpaper we are replacing in our church nursery, make sure to check out my Church Nursery Redux - Part the First post. I would really, really hate for you to miss out on the privilege of seeing the rollerblading bears.

After we steamed and scraped off the wallpaper we discovered large portions of damage on the walls, so we had someone come into re-plaster the walls.

Then several ladies and I went into prime and here is what happened:





As soon as we primed, everywhere the wall was repaired the plaster started bubbling up. It was so not pretty. I may have cried.

After repairing the plaster (again), we were so blessed to have some professional painters come in and put up the paints I had already purchased. There is no way we could have done this great a job.

Here is the new color of the nursery:

Yes, it is grey (and fyi I will always use the British spelling of grey because Grey happens to bemy Mom's maiden name).

In fact, it is two tones of grey, a slightly darker on top of the chair rail (which is a really bright, clean white), and a lighter below. If I was a home decor blogger, which I am so obviously not, here is where I would tell you the name of the colors . . . um, I got the paint at Lowe's, they;re Olympic colors and I picked them out on the fly . . . that's the best I've got folks.

The main design challenge in the nursery is the purple carpet - the other design challenge is the horribly dark wood ceiling and doors that I am apparently not allowed to touch, but I digress. I was excited to use the grey as a neutral that would work with the purple/mauve carpet. I got a little bit of feedback before the paint went up that it would look green next to the carpet, and I am pleased to report that it does not.

So, why the darker on top and the lighter on the bottom? There is a method behind my madness! Stay tuned for Church Nursery Redux - Part the Third coming in just a few days!


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