Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Fairytale Challenge!

There are a ton of reading challenges out on the web right now, and honestly I really want to do all of them. I also really want to be Wonder Woman, but we must be realistic.

This, however, is a challenge I can do! One of the reasons is because I am already reading a lot of fairytale books because of my work on Sleeping Beauty. I heard about this particular challenge from Rebecca at A Word's Worth. It is the 5th annual Once Upon a Time Challenge hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings. The nice thing is it doesn't run all year (year long challenges translate to "11 months to procrastinate" in Jessica speak), but instead from March 21st - June 20th. So, there is still time to join in if you'd like!

There are several different "quests," the easiest of which is The Journey in which you don't commit to reading a certain number of books, nice and low pressure . . . but also very easy for procrastinators like myself to get away with doing nothing. Therefore, I'm committing to the next level which is Quest the First. I am promising to read 5 fairytale related books by June 20th. Lack of bullet proof bracelets and Lasso of Truth not withstanding, I am pretty sure I can do this!

I have ONE book on my list so far - Thornspell, a Sleeping Beauty variation juvenile fiction which I just picked up at the library. I am contemplating adding a Kiss in Time to the list as I have it reserved at the library, but wondering if I should add some non-Sleeping Beauty to the list to round me out (although if you are interested in a SB variant, I cannot recommend Spindle's End by Robin McKinley strongly enough! I know it is on Rebecca's list as well!)

I'm also reading a non-fiction about the Grimm's, and while that fits with the theme, it just doesn't seem very fun!

Here is my list thus far:

1. Thornspell
2. A Kiss in Time (yes/no/maybe)

Any suggestions? (You should probably know if Robin McKinley's written it, odds are I've read it, so while I encourage you all to read Beauty & Rose Daughter, etc., I think the point of the challenge is to read things I haven't read yet.) Are you a part of any reading challenges this year? Interested in joining us in this one?


  1. hahahahahaha, YES! I am so glad I successfully got you into this - knew you couldn't resist, hehe ;o)

    I think it's gonna be a lot of fun :oD And people who have done this before say Carl is a great challenge host, so ... here's to adventures Once Upon a Time!

  2. I'be participated in OUaT for a few years and have some wonderful books (and I listed all my favorites on my challenge post)! Happy reading!

  3. I love this challenge. I have never missed a year. If you want some suggestions you can check out my blog. I posted reads from previous years and a 'pool' for this year. :)

  4. J - Did you seriously break your toe? OUCH!!!!
    My computer won't go to the blog post about it, but I thought I'd send some sympathy your way. And a little "get well soon" (it's a bit chilly to be shoe-less right now)!

  5. Caren - I did break it! You couldn't get to the post about it because I posted it too early, deleted,and rescheduled, lol! But it's up now and I'm giving away some fabric ;)

  6. Re-reading is welcome as well, so if you feel a strong desire to revisit old book friends, feel free to do that for the challenge as well. I know I'll probably do a re-read or two for it sometime over the next few months. Thank you so much for joining in, it is wonderful to have you along with us this year. Hope the books you find are enchanting!


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