Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inspiration Board : Cupcakes and Carousels

This is my first inspiration board . . . just some fun ideas I am considering for Maddie's 3rd birthday party which will be held at the Great Northern Carousel.

I am calling this board Cupcakes and Carousels.

photo credits:

center image: Ticket to Ride Fine Art Photograph by Irene Suchocki
top (left to right): Carousel Dreams Necklace by theleidy, Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane Dream Dot in Celery at Lola Pink Fabrics, Vintage White Headband by Nest Pretty Things, Jolly Holiday Party Straw Tags by Bellezaeluce

second row: Alice's Vintage Inspired Cupcake Gift Tags by Berry Sweet Treats, Pink Raspberry Baby Pom Pom Fringe/Trim from Sugar Pink Boutique

third row: Pink Cupcakes by Barbara Beery Kids Cooking, Cotton Candy Fabric Bunting by Jaime Mancilla

bottom row: Cupcake Flat Back Buttons by Buttons and Badges, Sugar Sweet Valentine Heart Punches by Sugar Pink Boutique, Printable Vintage Carousel Cupcake Toppers by The Gypsy Factory, Madeline Apron Knot Dress Pattern by Romeo & Mae


  1. Omg i adore that centre image!

  2. absolutely, positively, gorgeous!

    I am working on Penelope's party too... first cake-pops today came out so well! I am soooo excited :)

  3. Tor - I love it too - it is available as a print and I'm just dying for it ;)

    Charlene - Awesome! What is Penny's theme this year? Bet you will knock it out of the park per usual.

  4. Gorgeous! I love this inspiration board!

  5. This party is brought to you by the letter P and the number 2 ;)

  6. Like I said I'm taking advantage of actually being able to comment. :)
    Have you heard back from the carousel people yet? That sounds like a fabulous birthday party! :)

  7. I love this! My sister does inspiration boards all the time when she is coming up with concepts, I don't think I have the organization to make one! Lol. This is gorgeous - the party will be lovely :)


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