Monday, March 7, 2011

Oops, I zapped!

Moving is a lot of work.

Moving when you are sick is even more work!

So far since January we have had a cold, a new cold, the rotavirus, and now back to colds!

But we are here in Montana . . .

Getting settled in and figuring things out.

It's snowed three times, mostly just flurries that melt a few hours later.

I discovered that if you leave your laundry detergent in the car it will freeze. I mean it makes sense and all, I just didn't think of it.

It is so dry, our skin is itchy and our hair is standing on end. Everything you touch results in a mega electric shock - the crackly blue lightening arcing from one person to another type of static shock. We all look like Emperor Palpatine blue lightening the heck out of Luke Skywalker, except that we can't control it and it usually takes us by painful surprise. Maddie keeps saying "Oops, I zapped!"

And oh, happy day, I discovered yardage of my favorite ever Robert Kaufman print in the bottom of my fabric stash. This is the fabric I used for the Maddie/Jamie's crib bedding and I didn't think I had anymore of it. But now I am torn, use it for something or save it in case there is ever a baby #3? Cause I love it. Desperately love it.

Any opinions? Hold out for a baby? Make some pretty summer clothes (in white, yeah right) for Maddie? What else could I do with this gorgeousness?


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I L-O-V-E that fabric!!! I can see your dilemna :)

    Would make a gorgeous tunic top for Maddie :) - or even a set of longer bloomers - love it!

  2. What beautiful fabric. Maybe you should frame a piece as art. It is charming.

  3. Oh wow, that fabric is gorgeous! I don't know what you should do with it... I like the idea of some kind of art though. Maybe chair back covers for your dining room chairs?

  4. That is some gorgeous fabric!! It would be cute framed, I agree with Jessica!

  5. Kindle cover? Though a shadow box using that fabric as a background would be lovely!


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