Saturday, April 16, 2011

25K, Otherwise Known as Writing My Booty Off

I have been unusually industrious this past week. I went out and wrote Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights! I am happy to report that not only was I able to rewrite the 3,000 words I lost, I added a ton as well. I averaged about 2k a night and was able to add almost 12k to my manuscript this week!

I start my writing week on Fridays because that is Ed's day off and I'm glad to report that I was abel to write both yesterday and today, and I have reached a huge milestone! I've cruised passed 25,000 total words in my novel! Woot!

Serendipitously, I picked my phone up to text home to check on the babies, just as I hit 25k, so I took a screen shot, tee hee!

What, you may ask, is behind this amazing productivity?

Ladies and germs, I have discovered I can self-medicate my ADD with Starbucks.

White Chocolate Mocha. It's a beautiful thing.

I am even considering buying a coffee pot. My Mom is may actually pass out when she reads that, I have been decidedly anti-coffee for my entire life (I am a Coca-Cola girl). But guys, guess what, there is so much more caffeine in espresso! The focus is amazing!

Here's to hoping I can hit 30k this week!


  1. That's awesome!! Woo hoo! Great work. :)

  2. That's AMAZING!

    Hmm ... So ADD can be treated with caffeine? For me, it usually makes mine worse ... Maybe I'm not ingesting *enough* ... Hmm ...

  3. So impressed with all this writing.
    (and jealous of the caffeine. 1 week without coke and I am not adjusting to the loss)
    You are inspiring me to get off my arse and draw. Well to think about drawing, if only i can keep my eyes open!

  4. Congrats on reaching such a big milestone! That is my fav starbucks drink, too. So tasty!

  5. You had an awesome writing week--way to go!! Now if only I could find a way to actually write my booty off. You'd think all this typing would be cardio!

  6. Nancy,

    Yeah, that would be nice! In fact, by sitting and writing while sipping on fattening drinks I am more likely increasing the size of my booty ;)

  7. that is my fav drink at Starbucks, that and an iced chai latte :)

  8. White Chocolate Mocha is my fave! An IV would make my day ;)


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