Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Disneyland Jar

We are putting all of our change in a special jar (actually it's my Coca-Cola straw holder with the straw holding part removed) to save up for next year's Disneyland trip.

We love Disneyland. Really, really love it. And we are kind of looking forward to being out of state tourists, maybe we will even stay at a hotel!

Right now I calculate our Disneyland savings at almost enough to buy churros for the entire family. Mmmmm . . . churros . . .

Hopefully we will see it grow over the next several months!


  1. Our passes expire on Thursday! :( So sad...can't afford to renew. But someday! Maybe when you guys make your trip!

  2. Disneyland!!!! My roomie and I plan to go sometime next year. I haven't been in... um... six or seven years? It's been even longer for her. We are in serious anticipation of this trip.


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