Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anybody Wanna Buy a House?

My parents are selling their house in Peabody, MA. The best part is that they will be closer to us once they move (still a really long drive, but you can drive it if you want, it's not a mandatory flight like the Boston area.)

Know anyone who lives in the North Shore that is in the market for a house? Or know anyone who might know someone? I'd love if you could pass the link along! The short link is:

It's a really cute house!

It is bright, sunny, and cheerful.

The lot is really large, and is set back from the street, with lots of trees - an a really awesome front deck to enjoy it all from. (And did I mention it has a multiple car garage? Almost unheard of in the North Shore area)

Even my teenage brother's room is pretty nice ;)

I would love, love, love if you could share the link to their listing! I really want my family to move closer to us! Thanks!


  1. I will share!! =) CUTE house! Totally wrong location for me... =/ Hope it sells SOON! <3

  2. PS - Hows the new place? Are you liking the state??

  3. Oh wow, that's a gorgeous house! I wish I knew someone who lived in MA so I could pass the info on to them. Remind me to tweet about it tonight though--I have no clue where most of my followers live.

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Jacqueline - We love it so far! Had some good chinese food today so we are excited!

    Nancy - Thanks, my parent's have worked really hard on it!

  5. hi jessica! congratulations! you won the vintage fabric on my birthday giveaway! just email me (at with your address and i'll mail it to you. blessings, lora

  6. I'd so buy that house if I could. It is so my taste and style. LOVE IT!

  7. What a beautiful house! I wish I could live there. Good luck to your parents with the sale.


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