Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This is an actual conversation I had with Maddie yesterday.

Maddie: There goes bird flying with flapping wings.

Me: Yup

Maddie: I fly, I flap wings?

Me: No, you don't have wings, so you can't fly.

Maddie: (Sad face)

Me: Because we are human, humans can't fly, only in airplanes.

Maddie: But I be Tinkerbelle.

Me: But Tinkerbelle is a fairy, that is why she can fly, people can't fly.

Maddie: Oh! Idea! We get pixie dust. We get pixie dust we fly.

Me: (desperately trying not to laugh) That's a good idea but we don't have any pixie dust today.

Maddie: Ok, I go find pixie dust, bye!


  1. Make sure you keep a copy of the conversation for her!

  2. Thanks Duff, I will :) Definite baby book material!!

  3. I was telling this to my husband and when I got to the part about pixie dust, he said "she's got you there." Lol!


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