Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Indie Jane Awesomeness

I have been just a little bit MIA the last week.
Because I have been almost totally consumed by the awesome new project I've started with fellow author and Janeite Nancy Kelley.

Allow me to introduce Indie Jane - the premiere independent Austen community!

About Indie Jane in bullet points:

* We are awesome (of course).
* We are an online community that supports independent publishing of Austenesque novels, shorts stories, and other literature.
* We are a great place to hang out if you are a reader of either of the above two categories (indie pub or Austen).
* We are a great place to hang out if you are considering becoming a writer of either of the above two categories.
* We have an amazingly kick-butt logo (above) drawn by my friend Victoria. No really, isn't it the coolest thing you've ever seen?
* We have an amazing site & blog button courtesy of my hubs.

* We are giving away a Kindle.

What? What was that last? Yes! We are giving away a Kindle! Our launch was yesterday . . . and today in appreciation of everyone who visited yesterday, and to celebrate our opening month we have posted a Kindle giveaway! Head on over and enter!

We will have weekly giveaways for our first month as well. The excitement is overwhelming!

Also, there is still time to enter to win an ebook of Absolute Liability (for kindle, nook, or as a pdf to read on your computer), please make sure to enter!

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