Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Support Indie Film - Old Man Cabbage

My friend Raymond is totally awesome. He's funny, smart, talented, and the greatest friend ever. I have literally run through the streets of Los Angeles with Raymond while holding dozens of purple roses and a bridal runner, ah good times.

He's also super cool. He's a puppeteer (yes, I know someone whose job title has puppet in it!), and a video director. He's travelled all around the US and lived in Iceland. Really. Iceland.

I'm pretty sure Ray is an artistic genius. Don't believe me? Check out this amazing video of him talking about his new project - a long form narrative music video.


The awesome thing about independent art, and independent film, is that it's free from the constraints of big Hollywood. I'm not entirely sure that whoever green-lit Smurfs would see the artistic merit in something like Old Man Cabbage. But then, they green-lit Smurfs . . .

The problem with independent art and film is that, unlike big budget crap like Mission Impossible 4 (yes, they're making a fourth . . . also, I didn't want to appear to be unfairly targeting Smurfs, but really people stopping messing with my childhood), it needs to be supported by it's fans monetarily, sometimes before it even comes out.

Raymond and crew are fundraising to complete Old Man Cabbage. If you want to support amazing art I would be forever grateful if you would make a donation. Pledges start at just $5 and you get awesome stuff in return. Just think you could be a patron of the arts! Where would art be without patrons? Even Shakespeare had them!

So to sum up:

Raymond is awesome, you should love him like I do.
Raymond's art is fabulous, it is amazing and beautiful!
Smurfs is bad! Mission Impossible 4 is also bad!
You should help support the Old Man Cabbage video and receive awesome goodies in return!


  1. I totally agree about Smurfs and Mission Impossible 4. Oy vey! And I love the look and sound of Old Man Cabbage. What is the end goal of the video? How will it be used? Will it be entered in any contests? These are things I must know!

  2. I love your third point. And I love the video. You're right, Raymond is awesome.

    Agree with Jennifer though, I want to know more details! :D


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