Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday Month Giveaway #2 - Winner!

The winner of the Birthday Month Giveaway #2 - the Threaded Pear quilt pattern, Layer cake pattern book and fabric is . . .

Ladies and gents, Rafael's Mum lives in Ramsgate, England, as in the very same Ramsgate where Wickham went to try to woo/seduce the young Georgiana Darcy into an elopment according to Mr. Darcy in the infamous letter to Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. And, did I mention it is gorgeous? Check out the photos on her blog. To die for!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for birthday month giveaway #3!


  1. Thank you so much Jessica! How can I be so lucky as no one? I thought no one never got picked!! I love the pattern, the book and the fabric. Thank you for this lovely prize!

    I am just starting to read pride and prejudice. Did not get to that bit yet.. interesting!! Did they ever get to Ramsgate? That would be fun to read!

  2. I went back into my post and included a link to Darcy's letter, the main characters never go to Ramsgate, but it is mentioned also in Mansfield Park . . . apparently Austen had visited there because her brother was stationed there (in the Navy). Such a lovely area! Excited that these patterns are headed there!

  3. It is certainly a lovely area with a rich history! Although I wasn't aware of the Austen connection! How interesting!


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