Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birthday Month Giveaway! #2

Last week's birthday giveaway theme was Little Girls and this week's is . . .

. . . wait for it . . .

Are you excited yet?

I am!

Without further ado . . .

This week's theme is



I have this lovely quilt pattern from Threaded Pear Studio called Bubbles on Blocks.

Isn't it cute? I bought two and am keeping one for myself, I am sure someday I will get around to making it. Funny story, I actually go to church with Stephanie, one of the lovely ladies from Threaded Pear (her son was in my Sunday School class one year). She is currently living in Switzerland with her family for a few years - I started quilting after she moved, so I haven't ever really gotten to "talk quilting" with her. When I saw that this pattern was on sale at Tall Mouse I jumped at the opportunity!

I also have this awesome book! It has seven quilt patterns all made from layer cakes! How cool is that?

Maddie is for some unknown reason in love with this book . . . it is blurry because it is an actual action shot, she is literally reading it!

Lastly, I have a fat quarter of this gingham fabric. It's got blue, red, and a really pretty, light bright blue.

Wow, I really need to get a battery for my actual camera . . . these phone photos are getting old!

So what must you do to win all of this yummy goodness?

Simply leave me a comment telling me how long you've been quilting. Maybe you are a newbie like me, or maybe you've been quilting for years, or maybe you've never quilted but know someone who does and you'd like to gift these lovelies to them! Just let me know!

For extra entries (and you know I love those extra entries), leave me a separate comment for each that you do:

1) Follow my blog

2) Leave a comment on any other post on my blog

3) Follow me on Twitter

4) Tweet about this giveaway and include a link to this post and @narniamum

Here is a sample tweet, feel free to use it, or write your own:

Win some lovely quilting patterns and fabric! #giveaway on @narniamum http://bit.ly/cLvjzW

I will close the giveaway on Sunday, June 13th at 11:59 pm, and post a winner on Monday, June 14th, just in time for next Tuesday's giveaway to start!

Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you all for entering!


  1. That looks like a fabulous book! Lovely giveaway. Thanks so much for a chance to win! I have been quilting about a year and still feel quite a newbie!

  2. Oh wow... I am number one! (and two.. lol) I am allready following your blog.

  3. I already follow your blog!

  4. I have been quilting for the last few months vigorously and last year I made my first one that took me awhile. Love your blog!

  5. I am already a follower of your blog.

  6. I have been quilting on and off since the early 90's. I took a break when the kids were smaller and time seemed to not be there for quilting. I am now quilting more but the budget isn't always there for quilting things.

  7. I have been quilting for about 4 years, but now I'm quilting every week instead of once or twice per year so I feel I'm still a newbie!

  8. I am a follower--that's how I found out about this giveaway so quickly

  9. i am new
    but i have done a few quilting things
    and i totaly fell in love with it
    i think that i will do this for years!

  10. the bubbles on the quilt pattern is so cute :D
    i have not made a quilt yet. my friend's family gave her a quilt for her wedding and i really want to make quilts for other friends who are getting married too.

  11. I left a comment on another post! Thanks Jessica;)

  12. Well, I'm fairly new to quilting. I've been doing it for maybe 1 1/2 years now. It really is a fun craft to learn.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. And I've been reading and following your blog since last months' sew mama sew giveaway day.

  14. I've been quilting for over 10 years--or rather, I tried to start quilting over 10 years ago, but am only now getting going with it in earnest.

  15. I'm new to sewing altogether, and would love to get my hands on this fabric!

  16. gfc follower

  17. Nice little assortment of goodies.
    I started quilting soon after I was married nearly 30 yrs ago. At first it was a means of making baby gifts because we had no money for presents. I liked reading craft magazines and picked up the basics of what to do. I 'birthed' those first quilts and tied them. Then while pregnant with baby #6, I took an adult ed class just to have a break each week on quilting and learned rotary cutting techniques and the quilting was reborn! I don't do a whole lot of quilting, but I manage to just keep up with grandbabies it seems...#10 due in Sept.! I've made a zillion baby quilts over the years....I love fabric and tend to hoard...I have such a hard time just using it up. I'd rather sew with my scrap bin and leave the folded fabrics be...I like to use up every little scrap! It's a sickness!