Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer time!

Summer time is officially here! How do I know?

Here we are waiting at the drive in for the sun to set so we can watch our movie!

Don't they look excited to get to hang out of the car window?

And here is our really sad attempt at a family photo via iPhone . . . Ed has is holding the phone out the window and pointing it through the windshield. Note how thrilled Maddie is . . . also note I am missing the top of my head . . .

What says summer to you?


  1. Summer is lazy mornings, time with Penelope, hanging out with peeps, and going swimming or to the beach. I also love the late light nights with enough warmth that I want to be outside. Oh, and stone fruits, yummy stone fruits. Oh, and grilling food, while it never stops, it just tastes better in the summer. Oh, and and and and... I love summer!

  2. Oh Drive-ins sound so much fun, and great for with small kids, but I'm just guessing as I have never ever been to one.
    Summer feels real to me when I smell jasmine and bushfire smoke mingled, and hear the ear piercing roar of cicadas.
    But it is miserable, wet, cold, moldy winter here now :(

  3. Summer is beautiful flowers blooming,sitting outside at night,bonfires,watermelon,laughter----more than usual!,sunscreen,suntans,swimming,
    mosquitoes,bees,butterflies,sprinklers,hummingbirds,BBQ's and sooooo on!!!

  4. A drive in....I haven't seen one of those in years! Love the photo and your "note" comments.

  5. That is really cool Nz doesn't really do drive in movies - not sure why... summer to me is dresses and green and sunshine - of course we're in the middle of winter here in NZ just now!


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