Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting ready for the James Par-tay

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My little man is going to be turning one this Sunday! I can't believe it has been a whole year since he made his speedy and rather dramatic entrance into the world! James has enriched our lives immeausrably throughout the last year, and to celebrate his first birthday we are going to be having a pool side party tomorrow . . .

The theme?

Angels baseball of course!
I am sure everyone is so, so, very surprised . . . ahem.

Here is the front of his super duper cute baseball card invites!

Who can resist that smile? What a cutie pop.

I am a busy little bee trying to get everything ready for his party . . . because, um, well, I can never make it easy for myself. Because I am working yesterday and today, I was up until 2:30 am sewing and baking a cake. Tonight it's more sewing, more baking, some decorating (I may or may not be using my previously perfected on the Winnie the Pooh cake grass frosting technique), a little more sewing, frantic searching for the birthday shirt which I seem to have misplaced, and general insane pre-party busy-ness.

A few minor side notes:
a) I looked everywhere for current logo Angels fabric to add to the fabric bunting I am making. I could absolutely not find any . . . the fabric warehouse that is one city over from Angel's stadium - nothing. Joanns, a mere five miles from the Big A? Again nothing. However, they did both have Red Sox fabric . . . what the heck?
b) My Mom is awesome. She had on hand several yards of Angels fabric and sent it out to me . . . it is the old Anaheim Angels "Disney" logo, the one with the wings, many purist fans will disparage this logo, but I personally think it was kind of cute. Not as crisp as the current one, of course, but at least we were still the Anaheim Angels . . . not the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (how does that work again?)
c) The US Postal Service was shockingly prompt this week. My Mom mailed the fabric Saturday afternoon from Peabody, MA, and it was delivered to Whittier, CA, Monday morning at 11 am. I have never been more flabbergasted. Thanks post office!
d) I have discovered about myself that I can never just settle for doing something cute, I have to ramp up the cuteness factor, create more work for myself, stress myself out totally, and usually give up in tears and desperation at some forsaken pre-dawn hour the day of the event. If I ever went into event planning I would proabably produce adorable events but most likely experience a mental break within the first year.
Wish me luck.
The weather report for tomorrow is 74 degrees and mostly sunny.
Pool par-tay here we come (ready or not)!

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  1. That is so amazing that you got the fabric from your mom - both that she had some on hand and that the post office worked so well. Go Angels and go USPS!


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