Thursday, June 3, 2010

Working girl

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This is my third day "back" at work . . . ok, really I am just filling in this week at my old company, it's not even a full week because of the holiday on Monday . . .

Can I just say how impressed I am with all of the Mommas out there who do this every day? I miss my bubs so much - and I guess they miss me cause the first thing they want when I come in the door is to nurse (yes, Maddie is still nursing at 2). I am so tired! I haven't gotten anything sewn this week. We are getting pictures of the kids taken on Saturday, and I haven't put together their outfits, eeek! Seriously, this whole working business really cuts into your day!

Joking aside, I am really blessed though to have this opportunity to temp at my old company, where people like me and are glad to see me, and to have a little extra money coming in. Maybe I can reward myself with some Nicey Jane fabric? Oh pretty please?


  1. U r lucky to be a SAHM :) but pls enjoy the temp work while ur at it... temporary changes can be fun... and nicey jane's fabric as a reward, well worth sacrifice! Hv a great "working life" hehe...


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