Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cupcakes and Carousels Party

Maddie's birthday party was a rousing success. She had a fabulous time, and so did (I am hoping) the eight other little girls in attendance.

I ran out of time to finish the purse goody bags, so I now have fourteen almost completed toddler purses and no idea what to do with them. Luckily, I was able to snag some plastic princess ones at Walmart on the way to the party and no one was the wiser.

I didn't end up with a lot of photos but here are some good ones via Instagram.

The party was at The Great Northern Carousel and they provided balloons . . .

Vintage Carousel Circus Horse Cupcake Toppers, you can buy the printable pdf from the gypsy factory on etsy . . . cupcakes by yours truly . . .

The birthday girl rides the carousel with Mommy . . .

James on the carousel, please excuse his bangs, there was an incident involving scissors . . .

I am calling this birthday party a success - Maddie won't remember all the little details that I wanted to get right and didn't find the time for, she will remember that we had a rockin' good time, rode us some carousel animals, and ate cupcakes that stained our teeth pink and purple.


  1. Happy Birthday Maddie!

  2. So true--birthday parties (or anything for kids really) aren't about the details. The princess bags in no way affected how much fun it is to ride the carousel.

    I'm still trying to think of something you can do with all those purses... *ponder*

  3. U have the start of stock for a stall!
    Glad the part ywas a success :)

  4. How fun! Happy Birthday Maddie!

  5. Such a cute theme for a party. Happy Birthday Maddie!!


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