Thursday, May 26, 2011

Newest Tangled Janeites Twitter Date!

What are the Tangled Janeites? We are group of Jane Austen fans who also happen to be Disney fans - we discovered each other on Twitter, and quite honestly, we are pretty cool.

We've scheduled our third Disney movie watching date (previously we have viewed Tangled and Beauty and the Beast), for Sunday, June 5th at 9 EST. We will be watching Cinderella together (in our respective locations) and tweeting live through the movie! Want to join us? I promise it is tons of fun! All you have to do is tweet with the #TangledJaneites hashtag, and follow that same hashtag to play along.

There's always at least one really awkwardly funny "damn you autocorrect" moment provided by one of our iPhone tweeter - last time it was me, ahem.

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