Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A big 'ol pot of dirt- otherwise entitled "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better"

For some unknown reason my Grammy has a big ol' pot of dirt in her backyard. Ok, the reason isn't really unknown, there is a story behind it . . . a "Grammy" story, which means a long, involved explanation that I hear every time the big ol' pot of dirt comes up in conversation, which is actually quite often because every single time we visit my kids insist on playing in the dirt . . . seriously . . .

Look at all of those interesting toys in the background and what is James playing in? The big ol' pot of dirt! For those of you interested in the Grammy story I will hit the highlights for you: dwarf lemon tree, dwarf lemon tree goes to the great citrus orchard in the sky, huge crack down side of pot renders it useless as a home for a new plant.

So the big ol' pot of dirt sits there, and tempts my rock loving, dirt-grubbing, cat poop and leaf eating toddlers.

My favorite thing in the world is when James tries to eat the dirt Maddie runs up to him shouting "No! Don't! Stop! Wait!" As if she wasn't just putting something equally nasty in her mouth five minutes before, as if he didn't get the dirt eating idea from her in the first place.

Then she poses with him for a picture, you know, for dirt eating posterity.

Would you trust that face? No? Good, you probably shouldn't.

James trusts that face though, and he follows his big sister everywhere!
And I do mean everywhere . . .

Look Ma! Danger!

He wants to do everything she does, and he tries so hard to keep up with her, which is a feat in and of itself as this is Maddie's typical speed :

But he gives it the good old college try.

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  1. "For dirt eating posterity"! LMFAO

    You certainly have more than your hands full with those two!


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