Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fabric lovelies and a super secret

Tragically, Tall Mouse in Cerritos, California is closing . . . but every cloud has a silver lining (or so I am told),
and my silver lining was 50% off discounts!

Look at some of these lovelies I picked up.
Bad iphone photos I know, but let's not be critical.

Why yes, that is a Joel Dewberry print there on the right side.
And yes, I did pay $2.50 for a yard of it.
You heard me. Jealous?

Hmmm, more prettiness. Ok, to be honest I got the green and brown Robert Kaufman polkadots and the blue damask and brown/blue polkadots at M&L the same day, but why be technical?

The point is I got tons of fabric yardage, some fat quarters, some zippers, and some thread, and this really weird easter egg on a stick that Maddie insisted upon getting and then promptly threw out of the car window at South and Carmenita - all for $48! Hello!

So what ever could I be doing with fabric and zippers and thread?
It's a big stinkin' secret!

You'll find out soon enough peeps!
Ok, probably already some of you know,
but let's pretend you don't so we can enjoy the mystery shall we?

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