Monday, May 10, 2010

Bring the Rain


These are all things I could say about our job/financial and living situation right now. I feel like we have been living with uncertainty and struggle for so very long. It is frustrating to feel like we tried for so long to have children just to suddenly not be able to provide everything we wish we could for them. It isn't easy, I cry, I ask why, I get angry, but I have always known that God will bring us through it somehow. He has been so faithful before, I know He won't stop now. The other day our pastor mentioned to Ed that he admired our faith through this situation and my first thought was, well, we are just poor, we are still children of an Almighty God. And I was reminded of this song by Mercy Me.

Child of God.
Daughter of the King.
Saved, transformed, and renewed by the power of Christ.

The rest of it isn't really worth much. So the next time I am up in the middle of the night worrying, I hope this song comes back to my mind.

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